We are on a mission to provide

Technology Education for Every Needy Student

At Tech4Teens we believe that STEM education is a crucial part of every student’s learning

Today, technology is at the center of everything we do. With technology driving every aspect of our lives, technological proficiency is an important aspect of modern and future education. However, not every student has access to technology education, which puts them at a significant disadvantage. At Tech4Teens, we’re working to change that.

Our Impact

Students provided access to STEM education
STEM Classes Taught
Local Partnerships

We strive to make an impact locally and globally

Through our various programs, Tech4Teens makes an impact both locally and globally. We’ve taught over 40 STEM classes in our local community and provided over 120 students free STEM education. We have partnered with a school in Brazil, to develop our first Tech4Teens STEM lab. Upon completion, we will have provided over 400 students access to STEM education.

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