Tech4Teens STEM Classes

We inspire young minds to pursue the field of STEM by providing them access to hands on STEM learning. In our local area, we teach coding, robotics, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students in our STEM classes learn from a hands-on approach and feel proud of what they create. Our STEM classes and curriculum are custom designed for each of our classes.

Our Projected Impact Through STEM Classes in 2024

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Tech4Teens STEM Labs

Our vision is for every school in the world to teach a STEM curriculum and provide students with a hands-on learning experience. Tech4Teens will donate computers, robotics kits, and a curriculum to schools all over the world, enabling them to provide a hands-on STEM education for their students. With the support of our donors, local partnerships, and network, we are able to partner with schools across the globe to build STEM labs and further STEM equality.

Our Projected Impact Through STEM Labs in 2024

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